Astaprime Investigator CTMS

About us

ASTAPRIME is an international medical software company specialising in premium technological solutions for clinical trial sites, academic medical centres and hospitals participating in clinical research.

ASTAPRIME currently operates within three Europe-based offices located in London, Krakow and Dnipro. This tripod works relentlessly to achieve their specific objectives, unshakeable in their commitment to developing and providing a product of outstanding quality and utility to its clients around the world.

Our London office introduces our product to the global market, managing customer relations and ensuring our customer service is of the highest standard.

You can find our expert developers, test/QA analysts, graphic designers and project managers at the Dnipro office in Ukraine, working tirelessly to create the solutions that are then used globally.

In Krakow, Poland, our board of directors, CEO and chief software engineers are constantly developing the innovative, cutting-edge solutions that will revolutionise the face of clinical trials. They work together to ensure the highest standards of business performance are met, setting new benchmarks and inspiring the team across the continent to always achieve more.

Our international team has worked in unison to bring to you our flagship software, INVESTIGATOR CTMS. This software marks a turning point in the coordination and management of Clinical Trial Sites. It’s time and cost efficient, it’s unfaltering in its reliability and incredibly effective. With INVESTIGATOR CTMS, Clinical Trial Sites are able to reach unprecedented levels of work optimisation. It truly marks the beginning of an even brighter future for the testing of medicine, one of untold potential for pioneering new cures and treatments.

Company Background

Established in 2009, Astaprime was conceived as a result of extensive, hands-on experience gained from working within world's leading clinical trial site. Our in-depth knowledge of the clinical research industry has shaped our view on how our products and services can maximise the performance of clinical trial sites participating in clinical research.

We deliver solutions that allow clients to manage clinical trials with the highest efficiency, providing outstanding technology to research organisations of all sizes, academic medical centres and hospitals participating in clinical research.

Company mission

Through world-class technology and innovative IT solutions, we deliver efficient, reliable and cost-effective products that meet the highest standards of clinical trial management and patient experience.

Our Vision

We believe that smooth and highly effective clinical trial management can be achieved with the help of technological tools created specifically for the type of organisations we work with. From our own experience, we are aware of the many daily operations and responsibilities clinical trial sites hold, and understand the importance of an error-free approach when dealing with patients who require the utmost attention. With this in mind, we are proud to offer world-class IT solutions and services that allow clinical trial sites and medical organisations reach the optimum level of operation and performance.

Quality is the priority

We promiss to deliver products and services of outstanding quality. From our perspective, products of outstanding quality are highly-efficient technological solutions operating within the most secure and reliable infrastructure.

We are dedicated to constantly improving our products and services and our ultimate promiss to you is "Deliver the Best". Every day we join our efforts to contribute to this promise.


Data security

Investigator CTMS operates on Oracle database, which ensures the integrity, security and reliability of data storage. Oracle database delivers outstanding levels of efficiency, performance, security and accessibility.


The core of Investigator CTMS is written in Java programming language, which is the de facto standard for enterprise applications. The system is designed and built on RESTful services, providing the ability to integrate its components to other existing systems and products that may be used by our clients.


Investigator CTMS has Web interface, so can be easily accessed through a Web browser from Mac, Windows or Linux. Web interface also means the system can be accessed by tablet.


Some parts of Investigator CTMS operate as mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, allowing clients to perform a range of activities remotely and without a PC.


Investigator CTMS only uses stable versions of external libraries. Thousands of unit tests, functional tests and integration tests are performed daily, maintaining impeccable standards of reliability, and providing the highest level of uninterrupted service to our clients.

Astaprime Support

Astaprime Support is a comprehensive support programme for users of Astaprime products, providing unlimited 24x7x365 telephone access to assistance from our technical and product experts. Astaprime Support offers troubleshooting, updates and new product releases to our clients worldwide.


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