Astaprime Investigator CTMS

Intelligent technology for clinical research organisations

Discover our flagship Clinical Trial Management System
exclusively designed for clinical trial sites


One Solution. Global Change

From automatic scheduling to control over site's daily performance, Investigator CTMS allows you to achieve top efficiency in your clinical trials.


Boost site performance, minimise work burden, reduce operating expenses and deliver exceptional patient experience with the help of our all-inclusive clinical trial management system.


Manage your research from the safest and most secure system environment. With over 8,000 tests performed on Investigator CTMS to date, we are committed to delivering the highest level of operational functionality and integrity.


Streamline workflow and dramatically reduce time spent on planning and execution of trial activities and procedures. Have full control over site's daily performance with unprecedented opportunities to monitor all daily operations in real time including patient visits and events onsite and offsite.


Navigate our unique, highly accessible system with ease. Investigator CTMS intuitive and user-friendly interface is designed to be used by clinical research professionals of all levels of IT experience.

Control Your Trials

Control Your Trials

  • Store studies within unique system environment
  • Manage studies from start to finish
  • Monitor study progress in real time
  • Create detailed study summaries
  • Obtain in-depth data on individual patients in each study
  • Search for studies with a bespoke search engine

Boost Recruitment

  • Set instant recruitment targets for studies
  • Stay up-to-date with recruitment progress
  • Be informed of recruitment deadlines with updates on recruitment ratio
  • View extensive recruitment statistics
  • Analyse trends and comparisons of key site performance indicators

Generate Study Schedules

  • Create precise study schedules
  • Devise schedule for screening, treatment and follow-up
  • Set specific schedules for different treatment arms
  • Organise all protocol activities within cycles and visits
  • Update your schedules easily in case of protocol amendments

Manage Patients Effectively

  • Manage patient pre-screening, treatment and follow-up
  • Keep track of active patients, screen failures and dropped-out patients
  • Search for patients efficiently with unique filters
  • Create and share reports for any search request
  • Store patient database in one convenient place
  • Have detailed patient information at your fingertips

Get Patient Appointments Automatically

  • Obtain all patient appointments in calendar form
  • Get all patient activities for every patient participating in every trial
  • Enjoy hassle-free planning by knowing your workload in advance
  • Minimise time and effort spent by doctors on planning patient visits
  • Manage unscheduled activities, cancelations and amendments

Control Performance

  • Monitor, control and manage performance of all site departments in real time from anywhere in the world
  • Track all patients registered onsite and check real-time progress on all planned activities
  • Control daily performance of offsite activities
  • Monitor peak and off-peak times
  • Interconnect all departments through one unique tool
  • Streamline your workflow by bringing a new approach to managing trials

Communicate Effectively

  • Communicate internally within the site
  • Post new site announcements and questions to employees
  • Publish and receive queries about patients
  • Notify patients of their upcoming visits via SMS
  • Get patient ratings and feedbacks on all activities
  • Receive helpful notifications of any amendments
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